Condition Report

Wits at JAG | 29.10.2014

Condition Report is a response to a collection of Hindu sculptures, Ming Dynasty roof tiles and Gothic wooden carvings that form part of the Johannesburg Art Gallery’s permanent collection. Within a museum context a condition report is a report that tracks the physical condition of a work in a collection at various stages. It relates directly to the archive and concepts of collection and care. Through diverse curatorial processes and acts this term is extended to explore the conditions and politics of display in relation to culture, ethnography, authenticity and otherness. This exhibition also reports on the role of the curator in a museum, specifically when it comes to the presentation and interpretation of collections. As a collective curatorial endeavour, the Wits post-graduate class of Curating Exhibitions: The Politics of Display course, aims to re-contextualize these objects by exploring their history, movements and significance to the collection. As a collective curatorial act, the different approaches to a common theme will also showcase the curatorial process and the potential of the collection.

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